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Our client is needing a handful of tool operators in Kentucky! Read below for more info! The ideal candidate for this position will perform the following tasks:* Independently or with minimal, or no guidance, sets up and operates 2 to 5 axis jobs on CNC (computerized numerical control) machines or machining centers to perform various machine functions, such as cutting, drilling, milling, reaming, boring, punching, and laser, oxy-fuel, plasma-arc, or abrasive waterjet shape-cutting of metallic and nonmetallic work pieces, utilizing technical knowledge of manufacturing processes, machine tool capabilities and machinability of materials. * Reads and interprets blueprints, planning sheets, sketches, and related technical data to determine tooling requirements, setup procedures, control settings, machining methods and sequences. * Uses computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing software to produce Numerical Control Program of instruction for the operations or to develop scale drawings of product or system. * Mounts, aligns, and secures tooling, attachments, and work piece on machine. * Selects and installs dies or cutting tools in machine. Loads control media, such as tape, card, or disk, in machine controller or enters commands to retrieve preprogrammed instructions from data base. * Calculates and sets machine controls to position head or spindle in relationship to work piece and to regulate factors, such as cutting depth, speed, feed, and coolant flow. * Starts machine and monitors displays and machine operation to detect malfunctions. * Stops machine to change cutting tools and setup according to required machining sequence or to measure parts for conformance to blueprint specifications, using precision measuring instruments. * Enters commands or manually adjusts machine controls to correct malfunctions or out-of-tolerance machining. * Operates machine manually to perform non-automated functions and when automatic programming is faulty or machine malfunctions. * Discusses control media errors with supervisor or programming personnel to resolve problems. * May Fabricate Dies, Jigs and Fixtures for work piece orientation or work holding. * Inspects own work and may inspect work of others for conformance to specifications, using measuring instruments, such as calipers, scales, dial indicators, gauges, micrometers, comparators and coordinate measuring machines. * Operates conventional equipment. * Cleans machine, tooling, and parts. Performs machine maintenance.


Mandatory Qualifications and Experience:* CNC machine operator Benefits: Visit for more details.

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11/8/2018 8:43:25 PM

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