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Hill AFB

Aircraft Worker makes repairs to aircraft following orders of higher
grade worker, assists in troubleshooting malfunctions in aircraft
structure, landing gear, flight surfaces and controls, anti-icing,
pneudraulic, engines, auxiliary power unit, and ventilation and heating
systems, removes, cleans, reinstalls, or replaces defective parts,
accessories, and components such as worn gaskets, couplings, and
fittings, bad actuators, accumulators, gauges, sections of corroded fuel
and oil lines, This worker may supervise the jacking and towing of
aircraft, makes adjustments and settings such as cable tension and seat
movement settings and adjustments; obtains standard parts such as fuel
and oil line connections and fittings, cable linkage, and spark plug
cables and harnesses by referring to parts manuals and by making
comparisons with samples, may perform pre-flight, thru-flight, and
post-flight maintenance inspections, enter in the maintenance records
description of the work performed, and services engines and aircraft
components at line station making repairs, short of overhaul required to
keep aircraft in safe operating condition.

Additional Requirements (Cleaner):

  • Examine,
    inspect, measure, clean, and polish landing gear and wheel and brake
    components or assemblies to include but not limited to B-1, B-2, B-15,
    C-5, C- 17, C-130 and F-16.
  • Requires
    active lifting, carrying, holding, standing, and walking. Must be
    capable of lifting and carrying up to 75lbs (with assistance).
  • Clean and polish ferrous and non-ferrous components.
  • Perform chemical etching of Integrated Servo Actuator (ISA) pistons.
  • Prepare
    or initiate routing and WCDs for scheduling and production to enable
    the work to proceed. On the return of the parts, assures the required
    repairs and modifications have been performed and certified before
    releasing parts for assembly.
  • Examine
    a wide variety of incoming parts and/or assemblies to determine the
    type and amount of repair and modification necessary to assure
    compliance with pertinent technical orders and blueprints in which all
    of the technical requirements for a particular assembly are
    consolidated; taking into consideration special management programs and
    agreements such as routed item plan, the MISTR Program, and DART, which
    have differing work requirements and provides for the addition or
    elimination of technical work operations.
  • Inspect
    parts using such measuring equipment as micrometers, dial indicator
    depth gauges, go-no-go plugs, thread gauges, and other similar precision
    measuring equipment.
  • Determine condition status such as serviceable, repairable, condemned, or special status repairable.
  • On
    repairable items, reference the particular repair procedures to be
    followed by each support shop to assure item will meet final acceptance
    criteria and route and sequence of operations to be performed.
  • Preparation,
    finishing, plating, blasting, or repairing of damaged finishes on
    aircraft surfaces, components, and landing gear IAW drawings,
    blueprints, engineering specifications, technical orders, process
    orders, engineering specifications, sketches, manufacturers#8217; manuals,
    laboratory analysis reports, and other Government formats, and completes
    the tasks within specified time frames.

- Minimum of 1.5 years of aircraft maintenance experience.

- Must be able to meet physical requirements of the position.

- Must be able to meet base access and security requirements.

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5/22/2019 9:48:27 PM

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