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Reports to the Lead Mechanic and is responsible to the Director of Maintenance and Maintenance Manager for the safe, efficient, and economical performance of all assigned maintenance duties. Their primary responsibility is the monitoring and oversight of all maintenance activities performed on the company aircraft. Mechanics do not primarily function in a supervisory capacity, but may be used in that function. In some instances they may be utilized as designated Inspectors when and where thecompany may require that service or specialty. Mechanics when trained and qualified to perform the duties of a designated Inspector, will report to theDirector of Quality while in that role.


Duties and Responsibilities:a) Perform all assigned maintenance duties in accordance with the company GMM.b) Responsible and accountable for all work performed.c) Ensure proper completion of all forms on all work assigned and performed.d) Ensure proper handling of all parts, units, assemblies, and aircraft while in the repair process.e) Ensure that all documentation is kept current as to open discrepancies and completed corrective actions.f) Ensure the adequacy, correctness, and completion of all associated and required documentation for all maintenance work performed, or inspections conducted.g) Maintain the work area in a safe, clean, and operative condition and ensuring all tools are accounted for at completion of all assigned tasks.h) Responsible for tooling and equipment used for aircraft maintenance.i) Responsible for professional conduct at all times. j) Mechanics that have been authorized to perform Required Inspection Item (RII) must perform those inspections in accordance with Chapter 12 of this manual. He will notperform an inspection on any work which he has accomplished himself. He will report directly to the Manger of Quality during the time he is performing RIls. The Quality Manager will maintain a list of all personnel with RII authority. k) Each mechanic must immediately notify the Lead Mechanic, Maintenance Manager and all other appropriate personnel of any condition that would compromise the airworthiness of company aircraft.l) Maintain a valid Airframe and/or Powerplant Certificate (Note: The mechanic must be properly rated for any work which he is approving for return to service).m) Perform other duties and tasks as assigned by the Lead Mechanic and / or Maintenance Manager.n) Endeavor to increase own knowledge by reference and studying technical material and study charts provided for that purpose.o) Understand the current instructions of the manufacturer.p) Monitor assigned vendor/contract personnel follow company policies and procedures which may apply during a company aircraft maintenance visit for overnight, daily or other heavier maintenance services.q) Maintaining the company standard of quality and quantity of work produced. r) Compliance with company policies, and rules of conduct.s) Compliance with company and manufacturer#8217;s procedures, applicable Federal Aviation Regulations and accepted industry practices.t) The Mechanic will maintain an adequate supply of commonly used hand tools.u) Responsible for the control, revision and protection of company manuals and their content.v) Monitor aircraft maintenance logbook for any open DMI#8217;s (MEL, CDL, NEF) or restrictive items.w) Coordinate with the Maintenance Control and Flight Operations on the status of inbound aircraft.x) Advise Maintenance Control of progress and current status of all maintenance. y) Perform other duties as assigned by the Maintenance Manager or DOM. Qualificationsa)Hold a valid FAA Mechanics#8217; Certification with Airframe and Powerplant rating with Airworthiness release Authorization.b)Must meet requirements set forth in Chapter 2, section 2 of this Manual.c) Must have company formal classroom training to include, DC-9 / MD-80 Familiarization Training. (Prior formal DC-9 / MD-80 Familiarization Trainingmay be accepted by the DOQ).

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2/11/2019 1:21:49 PM

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