APJeT® First-to-Market with Sales of Groundbreaking Air Plasma COVID-19 Disinfection Technology to Aviation Industry

APJeT® First-to-Market with Sales of Groundbreaking Air Plasma COVID-19 Disinfection Technology to Aviation Industry

APJeT® First-to-Market with Sales of Groundbreaking Air Plasma COVID-19 Disinfection Technology to Aviation Industry

As the pandemic surges, APJeT®, Inc., an advanced technology company located in Research Triangle Park, Morrisville, NC, announces that the aviation industry is the first customer for its groundbreaking air plasma disinfection technology, the COVIDINATOR™. The standalone system has demonstrated a 100% ‘kill’ rate in laboratory testing and is designed to completely disinfect aircraft in less than two hours between flights, a rate that is twice as fast as existing on-ground disinfection technology.

New Jersey-based Corporate Jet Support, which provides Gulfstream jet parts and corporate jet service, has placed the first orders for APJeT’s COVIDINATOR™ and will be the exclusive distributor to the corporate aviation industry.

“This is a big step in restoring business travelers’ confidence and getting corporate and charter fleets back in the air,” says Chris Breitweiser, CEO and co-founder of Corporate Jet Support. “Ground crews simply plug in this lightweight, cost-effective air-disinfection unit on board an aircraft between flights and achieve a 100% kill of any viruses in 90 minutes.”

APJeT’s plasma air disinfection system, the COVIDINATOR, was tested in independent labs and certified results confirm a complete elimination, or ‘total kill’, in one pass of room-circulated air. Testing also shows that air plasma technology disinfects an enclosed space twice as fast as ionization. APJeT systems not only achieve higher kill rates, but also work much faster, are safer, use less energy and produce less ozone.

APJeT’s plasma disinfection systems use a patent-pending cold plasma technology that breaks down the oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) molecules in air into individual atoms. When these atoms recombine with the moisture in air, they create what are known as ‘reactive species’ that destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The company’s team of scientists and engineers were the first to develop the capability to stabilize atmospheric plasma in a very dense, high-powered form. The company has now developed proprietary technology for the application of atmospheric plasma as an air and surface disinfectant to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and prevent future pandemics. APJeT has developed four COVIDINATOR™ systems for the application of its technology: an air disinfection device (for the integration into existing and new HVAC systems), a stand-alone air-disinfection system, a ‘wand’ for treating surfaces, and a ‘kill box’ for article disinfection.

APJeT CEO, Bentley Park, expects that the company’s proprietary air and surface disinfection technology will be widely used in hospitals, offices and schools as well as in the airline, cruise and hotel industries, which have been among the hardest hit by the current pandemic.

“Achieving a complete ‘kill’, the 100% elimination of the coronavirus, in enclosed spaces is a big step forward for human safety and returning life to normal for travelers, office-workers and movie-goers,” says Park.

For more information about APJeT®, visit www.apjet.com.

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