NBAA Queries FAA on New BARR Requirements

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has published the information it has received from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials about the process involved in complying with the government’s planned curtailment of the Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) program.

“NBAA is opposed to the government’s plan to dismantle the Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) program and we intend challenge it in court and on Capitol Hill,” says NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “Still, aircraft operators have fundamental questions about how to comply with the FAA’s new BARR criteria, in the event that we are unable to prevent the FAA’s plan from taking effect.”

Bolen notes that, when FAA officials formalized their intention to severely curtail the BARR in a June 3 filing to the Federal Register, they provided only a month for individuals and companies whose aircraft are currently protected from public tracking to comply with the new criteria, and few specifics for doing so.

On June 10, NBAA’s attorneys wrote the agency for further guidance. Among the questions asked: “Does the FAA have a form or prescribed format for submitting the necessary information? If so, where can the form or prescribed format be found? If not, does the agency plan to make such forms available and, if so, when?”

“We have not developed a form or prescribed a format for submitting the necessary certifications, and we currently have no plans to do so,” replied Barry Davis with the FAA System Operations Service Unit. Davis went on to describe “an approach to certification [for the BARR] that will satisfy the FAA’s June 3 notice.” His 358-word explanation is available on NBAA’s web site.

“NBAA shares in the frustration expressed by the Membership in recent weeks over the lack of detail as to how the FAA will practically implement the sweeping changes planned for the BARR,” Bolen continued. “We will continue to press government officials for further information, and make available to our Members everything we are able to obtain. At the same time, we will continue with our plan to challenge this matter in court and on Capitol Hill.”

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