You may not remember me because you talk to a bunch of people, but I clearly remember talking with you and Joe at various times and places. I continue to be impressed by what you have done with this magazine.

Your “From the Publisher” column in the Jan/Feb issue was as good as any commentary I’ve seen in a long time. You have made an important point. No endless amount of “advertizing” how professional we are will overcome the demeaning behavior you pointed out. I am no prude and I’m sure I know and use more cuss words than average. But there are some situations where I am smart enough to know how to shut it off.

And Joe’s editorial brings up the old troublesome issue of more ratings, testing, continuing education. Our late friend Bill O’Brien held, as you well know, the view that all A&P’s should have the IA simply as one more reflection of their devotion to achieving a higher level of competence. Now the FAA has got the bright idea of taking this away.

I am 77 years old. I have BS and MS degrees. Went to Medical School and then did a PhD. I have had my A&P since 1974 and IA since 1984. I know how to do good dope and fabric work. I have an A&P/IA son and daughter. Daughter also has the ATP and flies for one of the first tier airlines as a Captain. My son let his IA go because he works out of the Country and has had much difficulty in dealing with the FAA at renewal time. But he has some foreign mechanic’s certificates. But should my daughter lose her IA just because she flies? That doesn’t make sense to me. Or should I lose mine because I’m too old to work full time?

My bottom line? It is stupid to attempt to enhance our “reputations” by adding ratings while we are at the same time putting up public display such as the one you showed.

Bob McGrath

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