ASI Goes All-In, Opening New Facility Despite Pandemic

Aircraft Specialties, Inc. of Omaha, NE, announces the relocation of its Part 145 Repair Station and the opening of its new building. The new location is approximately 15 minutes north of its original location, where the company resided for the past 34 years.

Looking to expand its square footage, ASI first started the building process in July of 2019. But with the pandemic affecting the public and closing businesses, ASI had a decision to make: it could stop what it was doing and stay at its current facility, or it could take a risk and continue its build in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

ASI decided to have faith and push forward despite the odds it was against. According to ASI president, Dave Fochler, “Nobody ever accomplishes anything great without having the courage to take risks. But, when you are surrounded by amazing influence, it’s easy to be bold.”

Aside from the economic impact the pandemic has had on the aviation industry, ASI’s build went relatively well. Although the timing may not have been the best, ASI took the reduced workload as an opportunity to analyze its business from a strategic perspective. It was able to incorporate small changes into its new facility, reorganize, and focus on the move.

At 42,000 square feet, the new ASI building features the latest in energy-saving technology, new state-of-the-art equipment for the wheel and brake shop, and a floor plan designed for efficiency. “ASI is positioned to continue its growth plans while simultaneously increasing our levels of customer service. More shop space gives us more opportunities to provide additional support to our clients,” says director of sales, Gene Portela.

Although building during the shutdown was difficult, the pandemic was not the biggest challenge for ASI. As a Part 145 Repair Station, coordinating its move in conjunction with the federal government was and has been one of ASI’s biggest obstacles. “Moving an aircraft repair station requires the approval of the FAA, including any stipulations they may place on the transition. Most businesses moving to a new location would find the stress of an address change challenging regarding clients, vendors, banks, AP, AR, USPS or pickups and deliveries. There is so much to do outside of physically moving everything. But adding the extra timing issue with the FAA really forced us to thread the needle,” says Fochler.

Despite the many challenges, ASI was able to overcome and move into its new facility by early October. Although it has had a change of location, clients can still expect the same premium quality work and exceptional customer service they have come to know. The ASI team looks forward to their future in a new facility full of possibilities and opportunities.

“We have an incredible team, we live in an amazing town, in the greatest country on earth,” says Fochler.

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