Attitude Determines Career Success

Someone once told me, "Attitude, more than aptitude, determines altitude." Sorry I can't remember who that was, otherwise I would give attribution here.

In the 11 years we have been publishing D.O.M. magazine, I have seen evidence of those words of wisdom time and time again. I have also witnessed it first-hand throughout my aircraft maintenance career.

Don't get me wrong — we need to have a certain level of skills and knowledge to have successful careers. However, having a positive attitude is one factor that can give us a significant advantage in career success.

A former boss of mine once told me a story to illustrate this. Two people started working as aircraft mechanics at the same time. Decades later, both were getting ready to retire from the company — one as the company's vice president of Quality, the other as a mechanic on the shop floor. The mechanic asked his co-worker, "We've both been here the same amount of time, and I'm just as smart and qualified as you are. How is it that you were so much more successful in your career?" The VP replied, "The only difference is that over the years, you have worked for the paycheck. I have worked for the company, our employees and our customers."

Most of the people I interview have a similar message. It's all about attitude. They attribute a positive attitude to helping them have successful careers. They also look for new hires with positive attitudes. Skills can be learned and honed. Positive attitudes help promote success on individual and company levels.

Thanks for reading, and stay positive!


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