Attitude Matters!

As I chat with directors of maintenance, I always like to ask what they look for in new employees. Just about every one of them says that having a positive attitude is at the top of the list. Technical knowledge can be taught, but if someone has a bad attitude, he or she makes life hard for the whole team.

I recall a conversation I had with a new A&P mechanic a few years ago. I was a bit surprised by his attitude. He had worked for four different companies since he graduated from A&P school a year and a half prior. He was laid off from one job. The other three times he quit because of personal issues.

During the conversation I found out that showing up to work was not a big priority for him. He would call in sick at the drop of a hat if he didn’t feel like going in. He also shared how he hated it when “older” mechanics told him how to do his job. “I’m an A&P,” he said. “I know what I am doing.”

It was also apparent that he was chasing the dollar. He had just started a job and was already looking for his next job that would pay more money. To him, it was not about growing as a mechanic and learning from others who had more experience and could mentor and teach him. There was no passion for the job. It was just about making money.

A wise man told once told me that if you chase the dollar, you will never catch it. But if you work hard and are passionate about your career, you will be successful.

Unfortunately, this young man didn't get it. He was miserable in his job and kept thinking that it was the company or coworkers’ fault, when all he needed to do is look in the mirror.

We haven't kept in touch, and I'm not sure where he ended up. I imagine he hasn't progressed much if his attitude has remained the same.

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