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Thanksgiving has come and gone. The madness of Black Friday has passed. It’s time to get back to work.

Yesterday, millions of people were surfing the internet taking advantage of online deals on a day that has come to be known as Cyber Monday. reports that shoppers spent a record-breaking $11.3 billion on Cyber Monday this year. 

But online deals weren't all online shoppers were taking advantage of yesterday — many of them are taking advantage of their employers. An estimated 67% of people shopped for at least an hour or more on Cyber Monday while they were at work, and 25% spent four or more hours shopping online — again, on the job. Employers could experience more than a $2.5 billion loss in productivity for each hour that’s spent shopping online.

As the whole frenzy of the season starts to crescendo, I am reminded each year how we have strayed from spending this time of year focusing on friends and family. Instead, many of us just spend time and money shopping for the “ultimate gift.” Kids have become more and more accustomed to receiving high-dollar gifts, expecting those hi-priced items rather than appreciating what they get. Marketers even give us adults that message. We think we need this new toolbox or that new computer to make our lives fulfilled. Car dealers tell us how a new luxury car is the perfect holiday gift.

Although marketing messages for holiday gift ideas fill our TV and online time, I guess there is one good thing about it — we don't need to watch all those negative campaign ads anymore! (Unless you happen to live in Georgia — sorry folks!)

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