Baker Aviation HOT-STOP 'L' Offers Proactive Solution to Lithium Battery Containment

Baker Aviation HOT-STOP 'L' Offers Proactive Solution to Lithium Battery Containment

Baker Aviation HOT-STOP 'L' Offers Proactive Solution to Lithium Battery Containment

Baker Aviation, the master distributor for the HOT-STOP® 'L' Fire Containment Kits, introduces a new proactive fire-containment solution for the off-shore helicopter industry that is used as a storage vessel during transport to and from drilling rigs.

Supporting the proven HOT-STOP 'L' fireproof design and its capability to fully contain lithium battery runaways of powerful portable devices without the release of toxic smoke or flames, this new containment bag allows passengers to safely store multiple electronic devices during the flight and collect them upon arrival. This unique safe storage capability eliminates the threat of an on-board battery fire during the flight and allows easy transport of all passenger devices.

Ray Goyco, Jr., president and chief operating officer at Baker Aviation Maintenance, says, “As pioneers in this aviation fire-containment market, HOT-STOP has always been a proactive solution and provided the option to safely store devices during the flight without liquid contamination. When the drilling-rig helicopter operators came to us for a custom stowage solution, we determined the need for a stronger closure system to accommodate multiple devices. The unit itself is tested for multiple battery containment so the bag we used is the same proven HOT-STOP technology. We added a smoother bag interior to protect hands and knuckles from getting scraped when pulling devices in and out of the bag on every trip. This is a fitting example of how our fire containment products are different and can easily be customized to solve countless challenges, but most importantly, this new containment stowage bag demonstrates our mission of preventing catastrophic fires, toxic smoke and gas emissions on-board aircraft caused by Li-ion battery runaways.”

The new helicopter stowage bag has been designed with two military-grade zipper closures and is made of lightweight, fireproof materials. HOT-STOP 'L' fire containment bags are easily stored in the cockpit or cabin, have no shelf-life limitations, require no aqueous liquids, and are the only solution to be burn-certified and successfully tested in both UL- and FAA-registered laboratories.

Baker Aviation is committed to ongoing research and development throughout the year to further prove HOT-STOP’s performance against today’s modern technology of waterproof devices and vigorously powered battery chargers which most travel with today. Recent testing was performed at Aeroblaze, a Fort Worth-based, FAA-registered laboratory. Test videos and copies of the laboratory test reports can be viewed at or on the website.

HOT-STOP 'L' products are manufactured in the U.S.A. by Industrial Energy Products (IEP).

For more information, contact Baker Aviation, the master distributor for HOT-STOP 'L' Fire Containment Kits at +1-972-248-0457 or visit Booth #1512 at NBAA-BACE 2018 and enter to win a phone/e-cig containment bag.

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