3 Things You Want From An Aircraft Parts Consignment Program

Contributed by aircraft parts consignment experts, Bob Tooker and Susan Masek

Managing an excess of ­aircraft parts can be a challenge for any operator. You want to sell the surplus, but simply can’t find the space, man-power or the time. Partnering with the right aircraft parts consignment program is very important. Remember these tips as you search for the best match.

1. Ensure Your Parts Are Protected

The aircraft parts consignment program you select should operate in the interest of you and your assets. If parts are to be physically stored with the consignor, ensure that the inventory is stored in an environmentally-controlled space, that you will be protected from purchaser default during transactions and that the consignor holds appropriate insurance against casualty and subsequent loss.

2. Look for Proactive Marketing & Sales Efforts

An effective aircraft parts consignment program will be proactive in marketing and selling your assets. Inquire about the program’s customer base, marketing strategies and consignment history. Ask questions like; what parts locator services will list my inventory? How often are these lists updated? And how many years have you been consigning aircraft parts and components?

3. Physical Maintenance of Parts Inventory

You want your chosen aircraft parts consignment program to be responsive to customer requests. The need for aircraft parts does not wait for normal business hours. Therefore, you want to select a consignment company who physically maintains their inventory of consignment parts; allowing for quick value assessment and overnight delivery services.

Everything from accessories to avionics, instruments to propellers or even consumables, the consignment experts at Duncan Aviation help operators convert surplus aircraft parts to cash and help free up some much needed storage space. Read the Duncan Debrief to see what many Duncan Aviation’s customers have to say about the Duncan Aviation aircraft parts consignment program.

If you have a surplus of unneeded aircraft parts and would like to turn them into much needed cash, contact Duncan Aviation’s Consignment experts, Susan Masek or Bob Tooker.

Bob Tooker is an aircraft parts consignment expert specializing in quality control and export documentation. His aviation career began in 1967. Susan Masek is an aircraft parts sales expert specializing in the acquisition and consignment of aircraft parts. Her aviation career began in 1996.

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