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In the Jan/Feb issue of D.O.M., I discussed “actively engaged” as it pertained to Inspection Authorization renewal. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read my editorial column by clicking here.

There are a few more thoughts I wanted to share regarding the FAA’s effort to more closely interpret “actively engaged.”

First of all, the language in the notice would prevent IAs who don’t work full-time from obtaining or renewing their IAs. This could do a huge disservice to many aircraft maintenance professionals. For example, I recently had a discussion with a reader who is the only A&P/IA at his local fly-in community. He has been an IA for more than 30 years. He has retired from his full-time job but continues to work part-time maintaining all the aircraft in his neighborhood including annuals. The new interpretation would basically disqualify him from continuing to provide the professional maintenance services his customers have come to expect.

One of the biggest things that irritates me about this notice is that FAA ASIs would be exempt from this. That is ludicrous! If the FAA feels that more closely defining its definition of actively engaged is in order, and wants A&Ps to meet a higher bar when it comes to obtaining or renewing an IA, then that higher bar should apply to FAA inspectors. There is no reason at all ASIs should be able to stumble over a bar laying on the ground while the rest of us have to leap over a bar that has been raised.

What are your thoughts on this whole issue?

Thanks for reading!

Joe Escobar

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