The Top 200 Jobs of 2012 has posted its list of 200 jobs of 2012 ranked best to worst. Software Engineers came in as the best job to have. Lumberjacks came in last.

So where do aircraft mechanics come in? Well, here is the ranking of the aviation-related jobs on the list:
#60 – Aerospace Engineer
#125 – Air Traffic Controller
#144 – Aircraft Mechanic

Pilots and Flight Attendants weren’t on the list.

Automobile Mechanics came in at #145, just below Aircraft Mechanics.

Yours truly (Publication Editor) came in at 119, while Advertising Sales (like my business partners that sell the ads that generate the revenue needed to publish D.O.M. and HeliMx magazines) came in at 136. They already pick on me that I get all the glory while they dig in the trenches. I guess this gives them a little more ammo in their belt. smiley

Speaking of ammo, the fine men and women that serve in the military came in at 198. They have a tough, stressful job, and we should be proud and grateful for the jobs they do!

Between Enlisted Military Soldiers at 198 and Lumberjacks at 200 sits Dairy Farmers at 199. And we have a lot of those here in Wisconsin!

Here is a link to the 2012 results if you would like to take a look:

Here is the methodology used to rank the jobs:

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