Canadian AME Day

Ken MacTiernan, director of the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association (AMTA), founder of the Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC), and longtime friend shared the following news, and I wanted to share it with our readers in case you may not be on his mailing list:

Greetings everyone. 

Disappointment? Yes! Frustration? Yes! Disrespected? Yes! Confused? Yes!

Earlier this year The Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association (AMTA) reached out to Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) to begin the process of having Canadian AMEs recognized for their knowledge, skill, integrity & dedication. The goal was to have a Parliamentary recognized day whereby an entire craft and profession can be appreciated and promoted. Canadian AMEs are the front line in aerospace safety. These highly skilled men and women, by their very nature, do not seek the limelight or accolades. Just the opposite is true. Always staying in lock step with each technological advancement, performing their responsibilities in all types of weather that Mother Nature can throw at them, and doing this 24/7 - 365 days a year. 

With December 14th, 2023 being a century since our craft was created, recognition for Canadian AMEs is long overdue. The United States has passed both Congressional and Senate Resolutions recognizing US Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMT) each May 24th. This was done because the US government understands the importance these men and women provide to aerospace safety in the US and around the world. 

There is no difference between US AMTs and Canadian AMEs. Responsibilities are the same. Dedication is the same. Passion for our craft is the same. So, it is only right that Canadian AMEs are recognized. 

Steps were taken for this recognition. This recognition would recognize the first licensed Canadian AME, Mr. Robert McCombie, on each April 20th. And it was a challenge due to the Canadian government's process for such endeavors. But thanks to the energy and dedication of individual Canadian AMEs and AME Associations across Canada, each step in this process was checked off and a government online petition was created in order to bring this recognition to the Canadian Parliament for a vote. This online petition required a minimum of 500 signatures. There were 1108 signatures by the end of the window to accept signatures! It was then championed by MP McLeod who presented our request. 

But alas, a negative response was sent from Minister of Transport Pablo Rodriguez's office. I understand that Canada has a National Aviation Day on Feb. 23 as well as celebrating International Aviation Day on Dec. 7. This petition does nothing to diminish the spirit of either of these two days. A Canadian AME Day draws attention and appreciation to a group of highly skilled individuals who are the "faces behind safety". These men and women are not elitists... they are professionals who view their jobs as perfection being the minimum standard. To not have pride in Canadian AMEs and not support a profession that offers so much to the Canadian economy is, simply put, sad. It is a shame that there are not more MPs in the Canadian Parliament like MP McLeod.


Ken MacTiernan

Director, AMTA

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