CCX Technologies Introduces New GPS Antenna Coupler

CCX Technologies Introduces New GPS Antenna Coupler

CCX Technologies Introduces New GPS Antenna Coupler

CCX Technologies introduces its new GPS Antenna Coupler at the AEA National Convention and Trade Show. The new device, which is used with the T-RX™ Avionics Tester to validate the functionality of aircraft GPS radios, provides more than 20 dB of antenna isolation to ensure there is no interference from outside GPS signals during testing.

“Testing aircraft GPS radios can be finicky because GPS satellite signals must be excluded during the tests, and you don’t want to interfere with another aircraft’s GPS while testing the aircraft,” says Chris Bartlett, president of CCX Technologies. “Our new GPS Antenna Coupler provides superior signal isolation so that testing can occur inside or outside the hangar without worrying about interference from satellites or interfering with the GPS radios of other nearby aircraft. Today, we are extremely pleased to unveil this new product at the AEA Convention. It is the ideal place to launch new avionics equipment.”

The GPS Antenna Coupler is easy to use and part of CCX’s complete testing kit, including the T-RX GPS Signal Generator and the T-RX tester. It is rugged for ramp use and supports GPS antennas up to six inches in diameter. The system simulates six satellites, including WAAS/GENOS, and offers dynamic GPS location using latitude and longitude, altitude track and vert rate. The coupler is compatible with other systems, comes with a 9.8-foot-long coax cable, and can automatically download the current GPS Almanac to stay up-to-date. 

T-RX Avionics Radio Tester is a rugged, wireless, touchscreen tablet that is portable and easy to use with an intuitive interface. Some examples of tests the T-RX performs are: VOR, localizer, glideslope, ILS, marker, VHF com generate and receive (includes ELT 121.5 receive), HF com generate and receive, 32-tone SELCAL HF/VHF, ELT 406, DME, TCAS, Mode A/C/S transponder (including European-specific Mode S ELS/EHS, plus 8.33KHz frequency spacing for VHF com). Additionally, the T-RX evaluates ADS-B Out 1090, ADS-B In 1090, ADS-B Out 978 (UAT), and ARINC 429 RX.

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