1Ansah Brings Machine Learning and Other Advanced Technologies to the Front-end Repair Process

1Ansah Pty., a Machine Learning software company, specializes in applying ground-breaking technologies just emerging from Silicon Valley to penetrate key front-end bottlenecks in the MRO repair process.

1Ansah leverages the convergence of cognitive computing and other state-of-the-art technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and advanced search engines to provide technical information in "real time" to help specialists, engineers and technicians quickly and effectively utilize technical documentation and manuals.

1Ansah's flagship product, AMRIT, is an innovative, big data technology-based expert system, that uses advanced technologies to ingest technical documentation into a secure database. It utilizes a natural language question and answer capability and provides intelligent search. AMRIT is a modular platform that uses a smart analytics engine and incorporates predictive and self-learning search to retain currency through revisions and new publications. It can ingest standardized as well as non-standardized technical documentation. Moreover, it is a learning system which absorbs expertise from the end user's and product's behavior, thus constantly improving its expertise by interaction.

AMRIT is powered by open source software. It is built to scale and cloud enabled (portability). AMRIT can operate on current laptops, tablets and hand-held devices and can be conformed to work smoothly with current operating systems and software.

AMRIT can improve the accuracy of information and reduce the time spent in front of a computer console from 3 hours+ per defect researched, to a matter of minutes. If an aircraft has a list of 20-30 defects, and a search currently takes approximately 3 hours per defect before work can be scheduled, research alone can consume between 2.5 and 3.4 days of high-priced engineers' time. Reduce that time demand to 2 to 2.5 hours. What can an MRO do with reclaiming senior engineers' time and shaving aircraft turnaround time by 2-3 days?

For more information, visit www.1ansah.com or call Sperry MacNaughton in California at (951) 788-4951.

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