Duncan Aviation Delivers Falcon 2000 with Full Hydrographic Cabinetry

Duncan Aviation Delivers Falcon 2000 with Full Hydrographic Cabinetry

Duncan Aviation Delivers Falcon 2000 with Full Hydrographic Cabinetry

Duncan Aviation delivers a fully refurbished Falcon 2000 with a freshly painted exterior and all new interior featuring cabinets with hydrographic finishes during a recent 2C/4C inspection. The aircraft also received a Collins Pro Line 21 avionics upgrade, a Collins Venue CMS upgrade, Gogo AVANCE L5, HUD removal, the GH-39000 electronic standby instrument system, the LASEREF IV Inertial Reference System, and dual USB ports.

When the aircraft arrived at Duncan Aviation’s facility in Battle Creek, MI, the color pallet of the interior comprised deep browns and solid textures, making it feel heavy and dark. The owner’s vision was to lighten up and update the interior with a contemporary look and unique design elements.  

“To achieve the owner’s vision of a modern interior, we gave the cabinets a new look that can only be achieved through hydrographics,” says Heather Pridemore, lead designer at Duncan. “This process is becoming very desirable and was executed by the team at the Battle Creek facility with great detail and precision, creating a stunning natural wood look.”

Duncan Aviation Completions & Modifications sales rep, Tiffany Buschini, provided the owner with a hands-on demonstration of the hydrographic application as part of the design specification process so he would fully appreciate the detail and quality of the finished product.

“He became 100% on board,” says Buschini. “Battle Creek is using a mechanized arm that makes it possible to dip large monuments. The owner was ecstatic with the result.” 

To create a personal, one-of-a-kind feeling for the owner, the Duncan Aviation team added unique elements throughout the aircraft, giving it that “special touch.” The lower sidewalls feature a full depth, hand-tipped leather, and luxury vinyl flooring was installed in the entry and lavatory, balancing a high-end look with ease of maintenance.

During the facility tour, the owner was so impressed and inspired by the capabilities of the new CNC stitching machine and the talents of upholstery master specialist, Todd Bartholomew, he gave the Duncan Aviation team the reins, which resulted in a custom quilting design with contrasting piping accents. 

The carpet added the finishing touch to the interior by incorporating a mixture of greys in an organic pattern running the length of the cabin. This provided a light, flowing movement while adding visual length to the aircraft. 

Simple yet elegant describes the exterior paint scheme the Duncan Aviation paint team applied to the aircraft, with wisps of blue and silver stripes accentuating the aircraft’s length.  

Pridemore credits the amazing results to talented and supportive teams. “Together, we create new and inspiring designs,” she says. “This Falcon 2000 turned out beautifully, with so many subtle details, creating a unique masterpiece.” 

For more information, call +1 402.475.2611 or visit www.DuncanAviation.aero.  

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