Duncan Aviation Delivers First CL-3500

Duncan Aviation Delivers First CL-3500

Duncan Aviation Delivers First CL-3500

Duncan Aviation announces the company has delivered its first complete CL-3500 paint job from its full-service maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in Lincoln, NE. The paint department had painted a CL-300 for the same customer in 2017, and although there were a few differences between the CL-300 and CL-3500, the team was able to take the same layout and stencils and apply them to the CL-3500 aircraft.

Duncan Aviation project manager, Doyle Garrett, explains that all the aircraft in the customer’s fleet have the same paint scheme, so when the customer took delivery of their new CL-3500, they brought it straight to Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, who had provided paint services to them on the other aircraft in their fleet.

“We had all the details from their previous schemes, so it made for a rather smooth experience,” says Garrett. “Our team was excited to work on this new airframe, and it made it even more rewarding for us that it was for a long-time Duncan Aviation customer.”

The director of maintenance (DOM) for the project has been bringing aircraft to Duncan Aviation since 1996.

“When I brought the first aircraft, an LR-55, to Duncan Aviation’s facility in Lincoln for a 12-year inspection, there was freshly poured concrete in the lobby,” the DOM says. “All of the other hangars and buildings were not there yet. I’ve enjoyed watching the company grow and expand over the years.”

The DOM explains that the reason he’s continued to bring aircraft to Duncan Aviation is because the two companies share very similar values. “As far as family-owned businesses, the two are very similar,” he says. “You don’t just work on airplanes; you take care of the family as well. That’s what kept me coming back.”

“I always felt included and a part of the family,” he goes on. “To this day when I walk the halls, people still recognize me and stop for a conversation. That makes me feel like they care about me, not just about the money the company is putting into the project. I will say, some of them have more grey hair since I first met them in 1996, but nonetheless I still enjoy seeing the same friendly faces every time I’m in Lincoln.”

“I’ve always said when you build a relationship, you build a bridge," he continues. "And, when you build bridges, you can go places.”

“It starts with developing a trust that is developed by saying what you are going to do, and then doing what you said you were going to do,” Garrett says. “I believe it’s building teamwork between Duncan Aviation and the customer to benefit both and deliver a superior product.”

Garrett says that working with the DOM throughout the project has been great, from the pre-planning to the seamless delivery. “The high point of all this is the engagement of the team, and the can-do attitude that builds and facilitates the trust,” he says.

The DOM agrees that his relationship with Garrett is special. “Doyle was the first project manager we had, and ever since then, we clicked,” the DOM says. “We both knew when we could put on our business hats and get stuff done, and when we could put on the let's-be-friends hat and have a good time. He was never out to get anything from me, nor I from him. It’s something special when you have someone like that.”

The DOM said that designer Mary Lee, paint master specialist Stacy Finch, and paint team leaders Brandon Boyer and Brian Woolsey were great to work with. “They didn’t just look at this project like, ‘Oh, it’s just another aircraft to paint, let’s do it the same way,’ but looked for ways to improve it,” he says. “They discussed everything, so no detail was overlooked, and were able to learn from previous experiences. They found a way to make it even better.”

The customer has been bringing a variety of aircraft to Duncan Aviation since 1996. Ranging from CL-300s to LR-55s and JetStars, Duncan Aviation has done full paint on four different aircraft, partial paint on one, and maintenance on seven different aircraft for the company. They also have experience with Duncan Aviation’s engine, interior, paint, and avionics departments.

The DOM says that every shop at Duncan Aviation has somehow worked on one of their aircraft at some point throughout the years. “I always know I’m going to get a quality product from Duncan Aviation,” he says to Duncan Aviation. “I know you care for your team members, and you care for us. That’s why I keep coming back.”

To get a closer look at the new paint job, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LdH8ftPjuU.

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