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We just got done wrapping up our October/November issue of D.O.M. magazine. It is our largest issue ever (100 pages) and is full of management-focused articles for aviation maintenance managers. Look for it in your mailbox next month or in electronic version next week.

I interviewed Sam Haycraft for our cover story in the October/November issue. Haycraft is the executive vice president and co-founder of West Star Aviation, I’ve known Sam for years, but learned a lot when I sat down and interviewed him for the article.

As part of our discussion, Sam discussed the importance of customer service and informed, engaged and motivated employees. As we walked around the West Star Aviation facilities, Sam said “Hi” to just about every mechanic we met and addressed them by name. It’s evident that Sam doesn’t just sit in his office all day with his door closed. He makes it a point to know the employees. Rumor also has it he grabs a wrench every now and then to “help” on the shop floor!

The point I want to make is that we can’t be engaged managers if we sit in our office all day. Sure, there are tasks that can only be done in the office. But we need to get out of the office and engage with our team members in order to be effective leaders.

In her blog “Lead From Within,” Lolly Daskal recently published a posting titled “The Best Free Leadership Advice You’ll Ever Get.” What is her advice? Get out of the office! Daskal offers some helpful advice on what you can do while walking around your facility. Click HERE to read her blog posting.

So what are you waiting for? Step away from your computer, step out of your office and engage your employees. You can come back to your desk later and read more management-related information on!

Thanks for reading!


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