Honeywell's New GoDirect Portal Provides Seamless Experience for Aircraft Operations

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) makes flight operations more efficient by offering an online portal with a new look that helps operators perform multiple tasks and manage flights from start to finish—all from one convenient interface. Honeywell’s new GoDirect® Portal provides flight, tracking and cabin connectivity service customers with a single login. This links previously separate portals to help with flight tracking, planning and managing cabin services and connectivity usage. Now, multiple users can view and update aircraft and flight information in real time via a mobile-optimized website.

“There are a lot of people and processes involved in making sure every flight is safe, on time and comfortable,” says John Peterson, senior director, Connectivity Services, Honeywell Aerospace. “Like a symphony orchestra with one person out of key, one problem in the flight planning process can have a negative domino effect and cause delays. With the GoDirect Portal, pilots, operators and maintenance crews have a central location for all their flight information. The result is a flight that’s perfectly in key.”

A sudden change or delay in receiving information can upset the balance of flight operations, costing operators time and money. Honeywell’s GoDirect Portal greatly simplifies flight planning and management workflows, helping dispatchers and flight crews access and update flight information in real time. It also shows cabin service and connectivity usage, so operators and maintenance crews are aware of the status of each aircraft in their fleet and can control service usage to help cut costs. Features include:

  • Single sign-on: Users can now move easily between previously separate portals and monitor cabin services, flight planning and tracking all from one simple interface—making it simple to get the right information at the right time and make informed decisions.
  • Data control: To help save costs, operators can view their connectivity usage in real time, allowing them to better control their entire fleet’s data usage.
  • Easier multitasking: Having access to many different services in one place makes it easier to multitask effectively. For example, a dispatcher can work with a pilot on a flight plan while monitoring ongoing flights.

GoDirect Flight Services, including GoDirect Portal, is part of Honeywell’s GoDirect family—the industry’s most complete portfolio of more than 50 value-adding aviation services and applications that provide operators, flight crews and maintenance teams with critical information to control their services and network. All GoDirect Flight Service customers have access to GoDirect Flight Bag Pro, an electronic flight bag application from Honeywell. 

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