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Our client is looking for an APG Mechanic to work in Pensacola, FL! Apply today with your most recent resume and if you meet the qualifications a recruiter will be in contact with you! Trained at Mobile, ALWorking at Pensacola, FL The ideal candidate for this position will perform the following tasks:* Remove and replace various aircraft components with the use of special tooling and ground support equipment following oral and written instructions such as supervisor#8217;s directives and manuals to complete all routine and non-routine assignments in a timely manner.* Perform the duties of and provide necessary training for lower skill levels.* Maintain and store various tools in a serviceable condition.* Adhere to safe maintenance practices and keep a clean work area.* Maintain and supply personal records of work performed on OJT forms for the Training Department.* Successfully complete any courses deemed necessary by the Training Department.* Perform any work that may be assigned by his or her supervisor.


Mandatory Qualifications and Experience:* High school diploma or GED required.* A&P License required* 2 - 5 years minimum experience in heavy commercial maintenance.* Proficient in the following skills: Safety wiring, engine servicing, engine CSD servicing, tire inflation, A/C wash rack/cleaning procedures, A/C lube procedures, hydraulic pressurization/depressurization, wingwalker/aircraft towing, A/C marshalling, Torque wrench values/operation, basic safety procedures, engine cowling opening, Lav/portable water flushing/servicing, interior seat installation, nose Radome removal/install, application of external power, stairs/entry door operation, APU servicing cargo door operation, jack operator, fuel tank entry procedures, operation of reader printers/IPC, electrical HOBART, HUFFER, water service cart, general knowledge of all applicable F.A.R#8217;s and company policy and procedures, familiar with all paperwork procedures including job cards/time cards, routine/non-routine cards, S.R.M#8217;s, service bulletins, and work sign-off/sell off procedures. The ideal candidate for this position will possess the following skills and characteristics:* A moderate level of interpersonal skills is required to maintain an effective relationship with co-workers and supervision.* Requires easy mobility around various sections of aircraft and the dexterity to remove and replace parts in a timely manner.* Requires mental skills and quickness with the ability to cope with stress and intense effort or exertion usually caused by long working hours. * Must have the capacity to gain knowledge by hearing for one#8217;s own safety due to the dangers involved. * Working environment requires standing 90% of the workday on hard surfaces.* Must be able to lift 50lbs. and report to work regularly. Benefits: Visit http://www.teamglobal.com/benefits.html for more details.

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7/22/2019 6:46:54 PM

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