Press Shop Mechanic - Canada

HSGI, Inc.
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Set up and operate any drop hammer to produce single or double curvature work withor without the use of pressure and/or rubber plates. Develop the use ofpressure and/or rubber plates for new parts. Do all necessary hand forming andrough trimming.#8195;Required to perform the operations necessary to set up and operate a Dualformdouble-acting hydraulic press embodying the Dualform Process to produce varioustypes of sheet metal pressings. As required, performs the operations necessaryto clean up and dress dies, punches, sample parts and/or pressings pertainingto the work.#8195;This occupation requires a thorough knowledge of stretching aluminum alloy stripsheets and formed sections around dies. Must be capable of tool proving, firstoff operations.#8195;Sets up and operates a Farnham Roller. In addition performs all first off work and recordsthe machine setting on a chart form.#8195;Set up and operate a Buffalo Rolls. Check work to templates, blueprints anddrawings. Perform all necessary hand work to complete parts according to loft.#8195;Required to determine sequence of operations and set up dies for trial and developblanks and run off material from accepted dies.#8195;Sets up from charts provided and operates a forming machine known by the trade nameFarnham Roller to form bends or curves in sheet metal, adjusting the machinerollers to obtain bends according to template, blueprint or drawingspecifications.#8195;Required to set up and operate Hufford Presses on production runs.#8195;Required to set up and operate a Stretch Press.#8195;Requires the planning, set up and forming of all types of sheet metal stock common toaircraft manufacture, by setting and aligning various dies and forms andbending, joggling, channeling, corrugating or forming of angles, including thecalculation of bend allowances. Requires a basic knowledge of die constructionand materials.#8195;Required to install dies and forms by placing, aligning, adjusting dies and forms inbrake presses, and to produce work containing bends, joggles, channels andcorrugations.#8195;Required to set up and operate any of the following machines; router, nibbler, drawbench, slitting shear, rubber press, deburring machine, drills, straighteningrolls.#8195;When operating a travel router, the operator will be paid a premium of twenty (20)cents per hour for all hours so assigned.#8195;Must have ability required to finish sheet metal parts by a hand forming operationusing form blocks to be supplied. May be required to operate a crimpingmachine.#8195;This classification independently dresses or redresses parts from presses formed onunapproved tools. Requires knowledge of set up, planning, forming, materials,bend allowances and operations, etc. appropriate to do the function. Thisclassification will be used only as required in the development of new formblocks.#8195;Required, by use of blueprints, drawings or verbal instructions, to lay out work andcomplete drilling operations on sheet metal parts.#8195;Required to set up and operate the machine, including the welding attachment and havecomplete knowledge of speeds, feeds and types of blades employed on differenttypes of material. Email Resume to Mandy@hsgi-inc.comOr Call me at 682-215-8506

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5/22/2019 12:33:39 PM

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