McFarlane Aviation Introduces the Stabilizer Bracket Installer Tool

McFarlane Aviation Introduces the Stabilizer Bracket Installer Tool

McFarlane Aviation Introduces the Stabilizer Bracket Installer Tool

McFarlane introduces its Stabilizer Bracket Installation Tool (TOOL136), the key to precise installation of the horizontal stabilizer inner hinge brackets on Cessna 180, 182, and 185 aircraft. TOOL136 ensures both proper alignment of the hinge brackets and horizontal stabilizer to the airplane as well as perfect bind-free alignment of all hinge points, providing smooth, bind-free stabilizer hinge action.

TOOL136 is unlike any tool available. It effectively serves as a stand-in for the aircraft’s stabilizer, mimicking the spacing and thickness of the stabilizer hinges during installation. The tool also provides leveling and alignment surfaces. Without the tool, aligning the hinge brackets is extremely challenging. Improper alignment could potentially lead to several issues, like binding of the horizontal stabilizer and malfunctioning of the trim system. The horizontal stabilizer must be level with the leveling points on the aircraft to reduce structural stress and allow proper function of the elevator system.

“With the amount of load and torsional stress in this area of the plane, the outer hinge brackets tend to crack and fail. With failed outer brackets, all the stress is then put on the inner brackets, and then they eventually will fail,” says Dave McFarlane, founder of McFarlane Aviation. “Once the inner brackets have failed, there is no solid alignment points to properly install and align the new brackets. Our tool solves this problem.”

McFarlane Aviation is located in Baldwin City, KS and is a provider of high-quality aircraft parts, accessories, and innovative solutions for general aviation. Each individual product is meticulously engineered, ensuring exceptional quality and extended lifespan. McFarlane is owner of a diverse family of brands, including CJ Aviation, Flight-Resource/MT Props, Airforms, and PMA Products.

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