Metallic Ladder Introduces Specialized AeroLadder for Aircraft Maintenance

Metallic Ladder Introduces Specialized AeroLadder for Aircraft Maintenance

Metallic Ladder Introduces Specialized AeroLadder for Aircraft Maintenance

Metallic Ladder introduces the AeroLadder, a high-quality,  American-made, aluminum aircraft-maintenance ladder for mechanics to reach electrical equipment bays, pylon panels, wheel wells and other hard-to-reach areas on aircraft while protecting the surface of the plane. The AeroLadder is Metallic Ladder’s latest model in a series of aircraft-maintenance ladders stretching back more than 60 years.

The new ANSI-rated Type 1A AeroLadder is a free-standing ladder made of aerospace-grade aluminum. AeroLadder comes in six-, eight- and 10-foot (1.8-, 2.4- and 3.0-meter) sizes and includes heavy-duty, five-inch wheels; reinforced heavy-duty gusseting on all steps for maximum stability; and cast aluminum feet, with optional slip-resistant rubber feet. The specialized ladder also includes a tray for tools and parts and optional double aluminum handrails for added safety.

According to aircraft mechanics who have begun using AeroLadder, the new product easily accommodates not only the weight of a 250-lb. (113 kg) technician but also a worker hoisting a 70-pound (32 kilogram) battery for installation into an aircraft’s electrical equipment bay. Despite its sturdiness, mechanics can easily move the lightweight ladder from gate to gate or fold up its legs for storage.

“The AeroLadder is 100-percent better than competing designs because of its sturdiness, width, price and quality of build,” says Michael Romanowski, an aircraft maintenance manager for a logistics company. “When it’s wintertime, raining, or there’s intense heat, AeroLadder is dependable and functions properly. 

“We designed the AeroLadder for easily and safely accessing things like engine pylon panels and opening up a cowling where a mechanic needs to get a ladder underneath the wing or get to the top of the engine,” says Patrick Reagan, president of Metallic Ladder. “Sometimes, maintenance professionals need to get creative about using ladders; our aim is designing ‘dangerous’ out of ladders.”

“If Skydrol hydraulic fluid gets on this ladder, there’s still sufficient grip for us to safely move up and down and do our work,” adds Romanowski. “Our fiberglass ladders have to be replaced every few years as they deteriorate due to the weather and exposure to Skydrol.”

“We’re replacing our fiberglass ladders with Metallic Ladders because they last,” Romanowski says. “We have other models of the company’s ladders that are 20 years old.”

AeroLadder will withstand year-round outdoor storage and use regardless of the weather. Airlines and logistics company mechanics can also quickly order and receive replacement parts.

For more information or to order the Aero Ladder, visit or call 1-800-532-3557.

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