Non-Profit Seeks to Create Education Program for Aircraft Records Administration

Larry Hinebaugh, the executive director of Business Aircraft Records (BAR), is kicking off a collaboration effort to develop an education program to improve aircraft recordkeeping at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 12-14.

Although many aircraft owners and flight departments have suffered financial and operational losses resulting from poor recordkeeping practices, the business-aviation industry stubbornly sticks to its traditions, sometimes to its detriment. Aircraft have lost resale value, or even their airworthiness, because of misplaced, not properly completed, or even destroyed records. In each case, the disaster was entirely preventable if aircraft maintenance personnel would have followed best practices.

“It’s time we take the same care with the aircraft’s records as we do with the actual aircraft,” says Hinebaugh. “Until we actually change the way things are done in the aviation industry, the state of aircraft records is unlikely to improve. Inertia is on the side of the status quo. Current DOMs and techs have become successful doing things 'the old way' with little incentive to change.”

To that end, the organization has determined the best way to fulfill its mission of improving the state of aircraft recordkeeping is through education. Infiltrating aviation training and education programs at universities, colleges and technical schools is one of the best ways to get the next generation following best practices. These organizations need course outlines, reference materials, teaching guides and course content to cost-effectively supplement their curricula, including reasons for using best practices, practical examples to follow, tools, templates, and checklists.

In response to today’s students who demand high-quality online and digital courses, BAR, with the support of the industry, will develop a world-class online learning management systems (LMS) that will allow access to all the BAR resources and courses by any student or instructor — anytime and anywhere. To fully support the industry, BAR will also provide focused and dedicated seminars and workshops at conferences, educational institutions, and aviation events as needed.

BAR is seeking sponsorships and expertise to assist in this effort. Organizations likely to benefit the most from sponsorship include:

  • large MROs and management companies
  • insurance companies
  • financial institutions
  • universities and foundations.

For more information, visit, call 951-545-1489 or speak with Larry Hinebaugh at the NBAA Convention Oct. 12-14.

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