Passion Breeds Success

I have interviewed more than 50 DOMs and maintenance managers for our profile stories in D.O.M. magazine over the years. The interviewees span many different segments of the industry and all have different backgrounds and experiences. I have learned a lot from each interview and article I have written.

One theme common to most of the people I have interviewed is passion. They are passionate about what they do. They are passionate about helping their employees succeed. Their passion is oftentimes contagious – it spreads to others in the company, fostering a positive work culture and developing teamwork.

Only through passion can we be the best we can be. We must do everything we can to improve ourselves and help those around us grow. How can we expect those around us to succeed if we have an attitude of mediocrity? How can we expect our non-maintenance aviation associates like pilots respect us if we do just what it takes to get by day after day? If we are mechanics, how can we expect to get that promotion when we “just do our jobs?” That mechanic next to us who takes every opportunity to learn and improve himself or herself will have the edge every time.

One of the things we are passionate about here at D.O.M. magazine is helping our readers, current and future aviation maintenance managers, be the best they can be. We want to continue to publish articles that help you succeed. If you have any article ideas you would like to see in the pages of D.O.M. magazine, let us know. You can email me by clicking HERE.

Thanks for reading, and we appreciate your feedback!



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