PEMAC Launches Maintenance Work Management Certificate

PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada announces the launch of the Maintenance Work Management Certificate. Designed for maintenance practitioners such as planners, schedulers, supervisors and coordinators, as well as other operations personnel who work alongside maintenance, the PEMAC Maintenance Work Management Certificate training ensures professionals have the skills to ensure the right maintenance work is done on the correct assets, at the right time, using the right resources.

Using Module 1 and Module 6 of the larger Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) program, the abridged offering will provide an overview of the benefits of an integrated maintenance management strategy before focusing on the fundamental principles of work management processes, with emphasis on maintenance work planning, scheduling and work coordination methods.

While all modules of the MMP program are required to receive the MMP designation, professionals may be attracted initially to more focused learning to meet their current needs. The Maintenance Work Management Certificate recognizes participants' newly acquired knowledge and skills that can be put to immediate use to improve organizational operations. The certificate is also a great point of entry for a maintenance tradesperson seeking to explore other roles in maintenance teams, such as planning and scheduling or supervision.

Participants who successfully complete Module 1 and Module 6 of the Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) program can apply for the PEMAC-issued Maintenance Work Management Certificate on the PEMAC website. Experienced practitioners may be eligible to utilize PEMAC’s PLAR process to earn credit for a portion of the training to obtain the Maintenance Work Management Certificate sooner. 

"Recognizing this industry need, we are proud to be able to offer this quality certificate training to the many practitioners charged with managing the work required to maintain physical assets in any organization," says Jean-Pierre Pascoli, president, PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada. 

Benefits of the Maintenance Work Management Certificate include:

  • Recognition for having completed MMP Modules 1 and 6 and having gained skills and relevant knowledge, ensuring the right maintenance work is done using the right resources on the right assets, at the right time  
  • A more focused learning path for maintenance and operations personnel such as planners, schedulers, supervisors and coordinators
  • Eligible practitioners can apply for partial credit through PLAR to condense the timeline to obtain the Maintenance Work Management Certificate. 

To learn more about courses, the newly launched certificate and the application process, visit

For more information about PEMAC, the Maintenance Work Management Certificate, the Maintenance Management Professional Certification program, and a growing list of MMP certified individuals, visit

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