Permagard Celebrates Twenty Years Leading Innovations in Aviation Paint Protection Technology

Permagard Celebrates Twenty Years Leading Innovations in Aviation Paint Protection Technology

Permagard Celebrates Twenty Years Leading Innovations in Aviation Paint Protection Technology

Permagard, a worldwide leader in the science of high-performance paint enhancement and protection, enters its twentieth year of service. Permagard has focused on providing OEMs, manufacturers, commercial airlines and private users with protection for their valuable assets while improving brand image, reducing maintenance downtimes and enhancing overall performance. With over $30 billion in assets protected worldwide, Permagard continues to set the standard for protective coatings, catering to discerning customers who desire long-lasting results.

“Consumers in the aviation sector of paint protection have been underserved by inferior products and application techniques,” says Luc d’Argence, CEO and founder of Permagard. “We bring twenty years of experience protecting paint from some of the harshest conditions on earth to our customers. We provide the most durable high-performance gloss known as the Permagard “wet look” effect. With its ease of maintenance and long-lasting protection, why should customers be satisfied with anything less?"

The key to the company’s success is its commitment to quality. Permagard has treated airlines in the Middle East, facing extreme desert temperature fluctuations and sandstorms. The coating has performed successfully for aviation racing teams across the globe, keeping their painted logos crisp and clean and their aircraft smooth and free of parasitic drag in demanding race conditions. Additionally, yachts travelling a circuit from the Great Lakes to Florida and south to the Caribbean have benefitted from gloss enhancement, UV protection and resistance to the effects of pollution and corrosion. There are no known conditions created by man or Mother Nature that Permagard has faced and not conquered.

Permagard offers protective treatments for both exterior and interior surfaces, providing a permanent solution that drastically reduces the need for maintenance all around and offering an environmentally safe, cost-effective way to protect consumer assets. Once treated, assets are protected from threats that compromise the integrity of the paint.

Utilizing its global network of trained, certified applicators, Permagard provides treatments for all aircraft brands, models and sizes.

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