Southeast Aerospace Announces New STC to Upgrade Hawker 800 Series with Insight Integrated Flight Deck

Southeast Aerospace Announces New STC to Upgrade Hawker 800 Series with Insight Integrated Flight Deck

Southeast Aerospace Announces New STC to Upgrade Hawker 800 Series with Insight Integrated Flight Deck

Southeast Aerospace, Inc. (SEA), an Aerospace Solutions company, announces receipt of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) supplemental type certificate (STC) number ST04570CH for the installation of the Universal Insight Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), Data Comm for CPDLC and FANS 1/A, and a standby instrument in the Hawker 800(A)(B)(XP) series aircraft.

SEA partnered with Universal Avionics to offer the latest EFIS technology, the Insight Integrated Flight Deck, to Hawker owners and operators, providing a much-needed avionics upgrade path. Universal Avionics designed the InSight Display System as an integrated flight deck solution, featuring embedded synthetic vision with advanced mapping capability, electronic charts, and radio control. 

Dror Yahav, CEO of Universal Avionics, says, "This new STC achievement modernizes the Hawker flight deck with InSight, elevating operations through enhanced situational awareness and improved reliability. We are proud to work with Southeast Aerospace to bring this diverse aircraft to the front line of business jets and support hundreds of operators worldwide." 

There have been few upgrade paths available for modernizing avionics on Hawker 800 aircraft since they began production in the 1980s. SEA's STC brings new cockpit avionics technology to the Hawker 800 series aircraft, offering a much-needed solution for the aging and near or entirely obsolete original production avionics, in addition to providing new capabilities for pilots while improving safety and efficiency to guarantee operation for years to come. 

The STC provides a modernization option for Hawker 800A, 800B and 800XP aircraft with existing Collins EFIS 85/86, FCS-80, and APS-85 autopilots by upgrading to the new Universal InSight Integrated Flight Deck, the only viable EFIS upgrade to the Hawker 800 series in the market today. 

FANS 1/A, CPDLC, and ATN-B1 datalink capability is accomplished using the Universal Avionics UniLink UL-801 and Latitude DL150 Data Link unit. When integrated with the InSight EFIS, the Universal datalink solution brings new navigation and communication capabilities.

The Mid-Continent MD 302 SAM (electronic standby instrument) is included as a replacement for the existing standby instruments or older ESI. In addition, the STC provides an upgrade path for older CVR units to the Kapture CVR with RIPS, replacing older, heavier outdated CVRs with a lightweight solution with enhanced capabilities. The upgrade is easily accomplished with SEA's FAA PMA'd CVR adapter. 

The STC also provides provisions for upgrading the audio system to the highly reliable, business-aviation-friendly PS Engineering PAC 45L as well as the Honeywell RDR 2100 Weather Radar. 

"Hawker 800(A)(B)(XP) owners and operators have a reason to be excited," says Luke Gomoll of Southeast Aerospace. "It has been a long time since this airframe has received this level of attention. The SEA Hawker InSight upgrade is quite comprehensive in addressing multiple obsolete components and also brings tremendous value as an upgrade. Better yet, this upgrade is available now using equipment that is available now. So stop swapping those CRTs and step into a new EFIS with numerous other technology enhancements. Put the fun back into flying!" 

For more information, visit or contact aircraft modification representative Luke Gomoll at

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