UAvionix Receives TSO Authorization from FAA for skyBeacon ADS-B Out Solution

UAvionix announces it has received Technical Standard Order Authorization (TSOA) for its skyBeacon wingtip-mounted ADS-B Out solution.

The skyBeacon integrated solution consists of a total of five (5) TSOs: 

  • ADS-B (TSO-C154c, Class B1S) 
  • GPS (TSO-C145d, Class Beta 1) 
  • Barometric altitude sensor (TSO-C88b) 
  • Position light (TSO-C30c, Type I) 
  • Anti-collision light (TSO-C96a, Class II) 

“SkyBeacon has already become popular in the experimental and light-sport aircraft (LSA) categories and is expected to be hugely popular in the certified aircraft market, too,” says Ryan Braun, uAvionix chief operating officer. “Its speedy plug-and-play installation provides the lowest total-installed-cost-of-ownership ADS-B Out solution on the market.” 

“The addition of an altimeter late in the certification process introduced a small delay in the certification timeline. The additional component makes the skyBeacon able to address a larger range of aircraft—specifically those with an existing Mode S transponder. It allows skyBeacon to provide pressure altitude to surrounding traffic and ATC regardless of the radar coverage,” he adds. 

"We were driven to innovate new solutions by the unique form factor of skyBeacon," Braun continues. "This was especially true for the WAAS GPS, where no existing receiver could meet our size, cost and performance needs. This meant both designing our own GPS and working with the FAA to develop a new process for certification of complex COTS solutions. This will change the way avionics are developed and certified in the future, increasing technology and lowering cost, and we're proud to be the industry leader." 

“This was a magnificent effort by our entire team,” says Paul Beard, CEO. “I have never seen a more dedicated, sustained and high-intensity effort. The patience and guidance of the Chicago ACO and FAA Headquarters staff, and feedback from our customers, has kept us pressing forward. Not only has a special product been created, but a roadmap for bringing similarly innovative and cost-effective technology to aircraft has been drawn.” 

STCs for multiple Cessna and Piper aircraft are expected within just a few weeks, at which point uAvionix will begin shipping pre-orders. The STC data and installations satisfy FAA requirements and will enable subsequent skyBeacon installations to be performed on any “suitable aircraft” without an STC as a minor alteration. A “suitable aircraft” is any aircraft allowing installation of the skyBeacon without airframe modification. 

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