Garmin Announces G5000 Integrated Flight Deck Retrofit Coming Soon for Cessna Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2 Aircraft

Garmin Announces G5000 Integrated Flight Deck Retrofit Coming Soon for Cessna Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2 Aircraft

Garmin Announces G5000 Integrated Flight Deck Retrofit Coming Soon for Cessna Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2 Aircraft

Garmin (NYSE: GRMN) announces it will expand its portfolio of G5000® integrated flight deck retrofit upgrades to include the popular Cessna Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2 aircraft. The G5000 integrated avionics suite modernizes the cockpit with additional capabilities, significantly reduces operational costs, increases situational awareness of the flight crew and solves long-term concerns related to legacy avionics parts obsolescence.

“The G5000 upgrade program for the Citation Excel and XLS has transformed more than 120 aircraft since its certification in 2019, bringing significant technology and financial benefit to operators around the globe. We look forward to expanding this program to include the Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2, bringing the same advanced avionics capabilities and lower operating costs to more Citations in the fleet,” says Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of Aviation Sales and Marketing.

The G5000 integrated flight deck for the Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2 features three landscape-oriented flight displays with split-screen capability, allowing pilots to simultaneously view maps, charts, checklists, TAWS, TCAS, flight plan information, weather and more. Two intuitive touchscreen controllers serve as the pilot interface to the flight deck and contribute to the ease of operation and seamless transition between various pages. New with G5000 for the XLS+ and XLS Gen2, two GI 275 electronic flight instruments can be used as standby ADIs, each with a 60-minute back-up battery.

Installation of the G5000 for the Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2 includes a fully digital automatic flight control system (AFCS). The AFCS offers precise performance throughout the aircraft’s flight envelope and helps manage speed and performance.

The system also includes Emergency Descent Mode (EDM) as a standard feature. In the event an aircraft loses cabin pressurization, EDM is capable of automatically descending the aircraft to a preset altitude without pilot intervention to help avert hypoxic situations. Underspeed protection (USP) allows the autopilot to assist with airspeed management, while also enabling fully coupled go-arounds, greatly reducing pilot workload. Additionally, operators gain access to more airports and lower approach minimums throughout the world as the G5000 is PBN/RNP 0.3 certified, enabling LPV/APV approach capability.

Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) has been upgraded to include a 3D exocentric view of the airport environment to aid situational awareness while taxiing. SVT also displays 3D building footprints, including hangars, terminals and towers, taxiways, aprons, signs and other markings to help reduce runway incursions by providing better situational awareness while taxiing at airports contained in the SafeTaxi® database. Significant updates to SVT have added features such as increased topographical clarity, sharpened water and terrain boundaries, improved obstacle and powerlines display, enhanced runway and airport sign depiction, and more.

Taxiway Routing, a new feature from Garmin, allows the flight crew to use the touchscreen controller to enter taxi routes, which then provides guidance on the 2D navigational maps or 3D SVT depictions. SurfaceWatch™ runway monitoring technology complements TOLD calculations to provide indications and alerts designed to help prevent pilots from taking off or landing on the wrong runway, a runway that is too short, or a taxiway. It also displays the remaining runway distance information on the PFD during the takeoff roll and landing rollout.

The G5000 upgrade for the Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2 comes with a fully integrated Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) solution that is DO-260B/TSO C166b-compliant and utilizes antenna diversity, which satisfies all current global mandates. ADS-B In traffic data is analyzed by the Runway Occupancy Awareness (ROA) system, which alerts the crew of potential runway incursions caused by nearby airborne aircraft, aircraft on the ground, and ground vehicles.

The flight crew is provided a complete weather picture using the GWXTM 8000 StormOptix™ weather radar with auto mode, eliminating the requirement to manually adjust the radar and resulting in easier weather interpretation and a more simplified operation. Features for the GWX 8000 StormOptix weather radar include hail and lightning detection, as well as a predictive windshear warning system.

Making aircraft management easier for Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2 owners and operators, Garmin’s recently announced PlaneSync™ connected aircraft management system(1) will automate database updates, provide real-time remote aircraft status(2) and automatically transmit flight log and engine data to the cloud after landing. With Connext® global datalink services, operators can receive worldwide satellite weather coverage, voice calling, email and text messaging. Additionally, SiriusXM® satellite weather and audio entertainment links are incorporated into the upgrade. With FANS-1/A+ and ACARS support in the G5000 upgrade, XLS+ and XLS Gen2 owners meet the requirements to fly the North Atlantic Track System (NATS). The upgrade also supports CPLDC, such as Link 2000+ and FAA DataCom, for terminal and enroute operations.

Both existing and new G5000 Excel, XLS, XLS+ and XLS Gen2 operators can take advantage of Garmin’s new enhanced G5000 features, which include 3D Exocentric view, Taxiway Routing, StormOptix radar, ADS-B In and PlaneSync. The G5000 integrated flight deck for XLS+ and XLS Gen2 aircraft will be available in the first half of 2024 through Textron Aviation Service Centers and includes a 3-year standard warranty.

For additional information regarding the G5000 integrated flight deck upgrade for the Citation XLS+ and XLS Gen2, visit or contact Dave Brown by calling (913) 440-1714 or emailing

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