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Heli-Expo 2012

The Helicopter Association International (HAI) Heli-Expo 2012 is next week. The staff of D.O.M. and HeliMx magazines will be there!

We will be in Dallas, TX February 12-14 attending Heli-Expo 2012. Heli-Expo is a great opportunity so learn about the latest helicopter maintenance-related equipment, products and services. Our team will be out in full force scouring the show floor for information relevant to our readers. 

A Reader's Two Cents Worth

After spending the last hour and a half shoveling heavy packed snow and ice that the snowplow driver dumped all over my sidewalk and driveway (which I had already cleared the last time it snowed a few days ago), I am tempted to go on a rant and vent about how I think winter in Wisconsin sucks and share my theory that snowplow drivers are evil, sadistic people who relish making winters even more miserable for everybody.

Contributed by Chuck Zahnow, Airframe Tech Rep

The normal engine startup sequence for Citation 560XL aircraft removes power from the avionics system, causing it to drop offline. The reason for this is the avionics are isolated from the start system. SB560XL-24-14R2 allows the avionics to stay online by using the APU generator during engine start.

D.O.M. Awards Call for Nominations

D.O.M. magazine is seeking nominations for its second annual Maintenance Manager of the Year and Above and Beyond awards!

The D.O.M. magazine staff introduced these awards in 2012 because it felt there isn't enough recognition for all the extra effort and professionalism that exists in our industry — in particular, there is not enough recognition for maintenance managers that deal with the day to day challenge of running an aviation maintenance department.

I recently asked a customer who logs many hours flying in international skies what he thought was most important when landing on foreign soil. His reply was simply, “make sure your SAFA manual is up to speed.” After a little bit of research and a quick Google search, I found the following link that does a good job explaining the EU Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) programme.

The Babbitt Blunder

Most of us in aviation are aware of FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt’s arrest this past weekend on drunk driving charges. Babbitt has been placed on administrative leave while FAA and DOT officials try to figure out what to do.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am writing this blog a few days before Thanksgiving. As I sit here sipping my coffee and taking a break from what has been a hectic week, I realize that I have a lot to be thankful for.

I am thankful to be gainfully employed. There are many good people out there who are struggling to find a job.

I am thankful to work with a great group of partners. There are many who are stuck working with incompetent, unprofessional or otherwise immature co-workers.

Sales Has Nothing To Do With Selling

I am at the Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association (ADMA) annual conference this week. This morning’s opening business session featured a presentation by Rick Farrell with Tangent Knowledge Systems titled “Sales Has Nothing To Do With Selling.”

Farrell says that effective sales people aren’t the ones who spend their time trying to sell their products or services. Instead, they focus on learning about the problems the potential customer has and then communicating how their products or services can solve that problem.

Charles Taylor Forgotten Yet Again

I got a tweet earlier that said, "Celebrate 100th anniv. of the first flight across the US! Vin Fiz event on Sept. 17 at Boeing theatre." The tweet had a link to the event website: www.vinfizlongbeach.com.

I had known about Charles Taylor's important contribution to the Vin Fiz flight, so I clicked through the links to see what was said about him.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised by what I found. Nothing. Not a single mention.

That's Not My Job!

Mr. Wayne Bailey sent an email to me after the July/August issue of D.O.M. came out stating he was amazed how I come up with subject matter for my editorial column. Here are what I think are the two most important factors that help me write my columns. First of all, I am an A&P mechanic. I have worked in the industry since 1988. Second – I pay attention. Whether it is at a trade show or touring a maintenance facility, I try to listen and observe.

Fulfilling Your Dreams

July marks the third anniversary of the launch of D.O.M. magazine. Guess what? It’s true – time really does fly when you are having fun!

I have had the privilege to interview many diverse professionals over the past three years. These aviation maintenance managers have shared their experiences and knowledge with our readers. One theme that seems to repeat itself in each interview is the importance of education. “Never stop learning,” is a mantra many successful directors of maintenance share.


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