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Should You Follow Your Passion?

On June 16, I wrote a blog titled Don't Follow Your Passion. I discussed how Mike Rowe had suggested that passion isn't enough to ensure success and happiness. I wanted to get your thoughts on the subject. In case you missed it, you can read that blog HERE

A reader sent me the following response, and I feel compelled to share it with our readers:

EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2017

EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2017 is just around the corner. Will you be at the world's largest fly in and airshow?

Oshkosh is two weeks away. This will be my 16th year attending this great event. The D.O.M. magazine staff will be in attendance covering the events and searching for new products and services relevant to our readers.

Don’t Follow Your Passion

I’ve written numerous times on the importance of passion. I guess you could say it’s a topic I’m passionate about. I believe that in order to have success and be happy, we need to be passionate about our career. If you chase the dollar, you’ll never be happy. If you follow your passion and do something you enjoy, the money takes care of itself.

Or so I thought.

Then I saw a video from Mike Rowe (of Dirty Jobs fame) talking about passion. This made me reconsider my opinion.

Passion Breeds Success

I have interviewed more than 50 DOMs and maintenance managers for our profile stories in D.O.M. magazine over the years. The interviewees span many different segments of the industry and all have different backgrounds and experiences. I have learned a lot from each interview and article I have written.

I’ll Take Troubleshooting for $500 Alex

I’m a fan of Jeopardy, the TV trivia show hosted by Alex Trebek. Contestants in the show compete for monetary prizes based on how they respond to the categories in increasing dollar amounts and how they wager when a Double Jeopardy clue is found. A big part of winning is also how they wager and respond to the Final Jeopardy question. It’s a fun way to learn about subjects I would have never considered exploring.


“Good character is not formed in a week or a month. It is created little by little, day by day. Protracted and patient effort is needed to develop good character.”



I was reading an article today on SmartBrief.com. In the article, “Don’t assume that somebody else has it all figured out,” Elliot Begoun interviews Mark Jansen, CEO of Blue Diamond Growers. I would encourage you to read the article by clicking HERE.

Get Out Of Your Office!

We just got done wrapping up our October/November issue of D.O.M. magazine. It is our largest issue ever (100 pages) and is full of management-focused articles for aviation maintenance managers. Look for it in your mailbox next month or in electronic version next week.

I interviewed Sam Haycraft for our cover story in the October/November issue. Haycraft is the executive vice president and co-founder of West Star Aviation, I’ve known Sam for years, but learned a lot when I sat down and interviewed him for the article.

Working Under Supervision

One way that non-certificated persons (non-A&Ps) can perform maintenance on U.S.-certificated aircraft is under the supervision of a person with a mechanic or repairman certificate. A recent discussion at an NBAA maintenance committee meeting got me thinking on what “under supervision” exactly means.

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016

EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2016 is just around the corner. Will you be at the world's largest fly in and airshow?

Oshkosh is one week away. This will be my 15th year attending this great event. The D.O.M. magazine staff will be in attendance covering the events and searching for new products and services relevant to our readers.

Have You Heard the News?

Have you heard the news? Some big changes are being proposed to our highway system, and they could send shockwaves throughout the country. This proposed legislation would affect each and every one of us who depends on our roads and highways for transportation.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect

While on a drive to a recent conference, I was listening to podcasts on iTunes. One in particular caught my attention. It was discussing the Dunning-Kruger effect. As I was listening to the podcast, I kept on picturing different examples over my career where I saw this in action.

Are We Professionals?

I attended a presentation by Dr. Tony Kern a few years ago at the NBAA Maintenance Management Conference (NBAA MMC). Dr. Kern discussed professionalism. He gave us some things to think about concerning what it means to be a true professional. Some would say they are professionals because they follow all the regulations strictly. He disagreed, saying that was akin to saying, “I do what I need to get by — I follow the MINIMUM standards.” The purpose of Dr.

Tips for Effective Staff Meetings

Unless you work in a very small maintenance shop, chances are high your company has regular staff meetings. You might have weekly staff meetings with your shift supervisors and leads. You may need to attend regular staff meetings with upper management at your company. Staff meetings have become a way of life in many companies.

Staff meetings can be productive if done right. They can also be boring time-wasters if not done properly.

Mike Figliuolo at Thought Leaders, LLC offers three tips on making your staff meetings more productive:

Aviation Lawsuits

Everyone probably knows a few lawyer jokes such as, “What’s the difference between a good lawyer and a bad lawyer? A bad lawyer makes your case drag on for years. A good lawyer makes it last even longer.” “How do you tell if it is really cold outside? A lawyer has his hands in his own pockets.”

We can joke about lawyers, but the sad truth is that our industry is burdened with an extreme amount of litigation. It is a scene that plays out all too often. An aviation accident happens. People are injured or killed. Lawsuits are filed seeking compensation for these injuries or deaths.

Happy 2016!

Another year has come and gone. We are in production for our Jan/Feb issue of D.O.M. magazine. It’s hard to believe we launched D.O.M. magazine almost eight years ago. Time sure flies when you are having fun!


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